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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why should I invest in GallerySoft software?
A: GallerySoft will help you better organize every facet of your business. By consolidating all of your business requirements into one program, you will save time... and we all know that time equals money! Transactions, client lists, inventory, reports, labels, provenance records, appraisal and insurance records, artist payment statements, artist biographies name it! can all be done from one affordable, user friendly program.

Q: What type of benefits will I experience from using this product?
A: Track your clients' buying preferences, call them when their favourite artist has a show to pre-sell your art. GallerySoft tracks this information for you. You'll be able to spend more of your time doing what you love to do ... selling art!

Think about how nice it would be to simply open up one program on your computer instead of three or four different programs... and, from this one program you are able to create mail-merge letters, labels, emails, reports, invoices, biographies, maintain your inventory, keep track of your accounting, generate appraisal reports, convert dimensions, create client statements, commission statements for artists, keep track of shows, and even update your website!

GallerySoft can easily be accessed from anywhere you have Internet access or with the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G either Internet or cell connection network.

You can bring your laptop and business with you - not to mention your entire inventory - to art shows, trade fairs, other galleries, and corporations! Set up your computer at an art show and let clients browse through the thumbnail images of your entire inventory! You can bet they will consider you a leader in the art industry with your cutting edge technology!

Q: Is there a sample database for practicing?
A: You have access to a fully interactive sample database which you can use to familiarize yourself and your staff with all of the functions of the program. This is a great training tool!

Q: What if I need help?
A: GallerySoft comes with an extensive built-in help system. GallerySoft provides support from Monday to Friday from 9-5pm Eastern Time (Canada and USA; GMT-05:00) and may be available  Saturdays. Unlimited support is included in the monthly access rate. If you need help - just call or email us!

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of information I can enter?
A: No. There is no limit to the amount of information you can enter.

Q: Would I ever need to enter the same information twice in GallerySoft?
A: No, there is never any reason to enter data more than once into the program. GallerySoft displays and prints the information in a number of formats as required by the function you are performing.

Q: What does GallerySoft do with my data?
A: For example, if a client was to purchase a work of art, the GallerySoft program would change the status of the work to "sold", record the sale price, update the client's record to show they purchased the piece, update the provenance of the work, update the location of the work, calculate the artist's commission on the sale, update the artist's commission statement, calculate staff commissions, accumulate information for bank deposits, change the status of the item on a GallerySoft Integrated Website to "sold" (GallerySoft will remove the item from the website if you have set the program to remove it) and more!

Q: Can I customize the fields to suit my needs?
A: Yes, there are many fields that can be customized to suit your art business needs. For invoices and show lists, you can choose to print to your letterhead or let the program print your gallery information; you can add your gallery logo and choose the font for your gallery name, mailing and art labels; set defaults for the rates you want (maximum discount rate, default rental rates, and commission rates); choose from many sizes and formats of labels; and much more!

Add or delete auto-fill data in the drop down boxes – for client types, salutations, various inventory tables, and payment methods. Why keep Visa, Amex and Diner’s Club as options if your gallery does not use these? If you accept checks – add them to the list!

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Q: Can GallerySoft be run on a Mac Computer?
A: Yes, GallerySoft runs on a Mac without adding any Windows emulation software such as Parallels or VirtualPC.

Q: Can I set a password to protect unauthorized entry into the program?
A: Yes, you can set different levels of passwords to protect against unauthorized entry into various critical screens as well as against various critical functions (such as deleting).

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Q: Does GallerySoft handle images?
A: Yes, you can include up to 4 different images for each piece of inventory that you enter so that you have a visual representation of the work as well as all of the critical information about the work. You can even do photo-editing within GallerySoft! Print out an Art Information Sheet for your client - this handout has all of the information about the work and color images of the work. Let them bring this home to discuss the purchase with their partner.

GallerySoft has an "Image Display" screen – inventory that is not stored in the main gallery can now be displayed 24/7. Let your clients select various criteria such as artist(s) of interest, price range, art type, and/or location to see thumbnails of all items that match. Clients can click on the image to see a larger image and any available sub-images. Clients can even select items that they wish to purchase from here! There is no confidential information here and access to the rest of the database can be restricted with a password.

Q: Is there a limit to the size and resolution of the images in GallerySoft
A: GallerySoft limits the size and the resolution of the images to the sizes needed for the proper operation of the program. Although you can import images of any size and they will be automatically resized, we recommend starting with an image of no more than 700k.

Q: Does GallerySoft handle editions?
A: All works from the edition or a selected range can be added easily without re-entering all of the common information.

Q: Does GallerySoft handle frames?
A: Yes. Frames can be added into inventory and can also be added to an art item. Where a frame is added to an artwork, prices will be adjusted automatically to include the price of the frame. The item can then be sold either with or without the frame.

Q: Is GallerySoft able to handle measurement conversion?
A: GallerySoft automatically converts between the two selected dimensions (usually centimetres and inches) on both the transaction forms and the inventory screen.

Q: Does the program create labels?
A: Yes, GallerySoft creates all kinds of labels. Choose from mailing labels, inventory labels, slide labels, picture labels, or show labels. Choose the size and format of the label you wish to print, then further customize your label by selecting the font. You can even choose where on the label page you want to start printing! You know what this means...NO MORE WASTED LABEL SHEETS!!!

Q: Can I create and save artist biographies / CVs within the program?
A: Yes. Artist Biographies / CVs / Picture can be created and saved for all of the artists your gallery represents. Create a biography using as many or as few details as you like. Artist biographies can also be posted directly to your GallerySoft Integrated Website.

Q: Does the program keep track of which art has been at shows?
A: Yes, Gallery Show lists can be printed from the program. They include the name and dates of the show as well as the featured artist at that show. GallerySoft can also print out lists of art by artist which will appear, or have appeared, at a particular show.

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Q: Does the program allow me to select which clients to contact?
A: Yes. GallerySoft has also included an email feature where you can select as many (or as few) of your clients as you like. Notify clients about upcoming shows and events by email! Communicate with your artists via email. Send out press releases to all of your press contacts via email! Even include images with your emails! The list of possibilities is endless...  

Q: Is there a mailing list function?
A: Yes, GallerySoft creates mailing lists. These can be as specific or as general as you need. For instance, if you are having a show for a particular artist, you may want to contact only your press and clients that have an interest in this particular artist. Alternatively, if you want all of your contacts to know about your new website, you can select all of them. Use these features to generate invitations, announcements, thank you cards, or any other correspondence.

Q: Does the program track what particular interests a client may have?
A: Yes. Each time a client expresses an interest in a type of art (i.e. sculpture, landscapes, etc...) by way of renting a work, buying a work, reserving a work, etc., the program will make a note of this. If a client has expressed an interest in a particular artist or type of art, this can be entered manually.

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Q: Can I create reports in GallerySoft?
A: Yes. You can print reports for all of your art business needs including inventory reports, follow up reports, transaction reports, accounting reports, and many more! You can even store up to nine different custom inventory reports that you create yourself.

Q: Can I view specific data without going through the whole database?
A: You can use various filters to view only selected sets of data. For instance, you are planning a trip to New York and you want to see all of the patrons you have there – press one button and presto!...the records have been filtered so that these patrons are all you see.

Q: Can I export my reports, statements, labels, etc. to Word or Excel?
A: Yes. All printouts in can be exported to Word (and most to Excel) and can then be edited and reformatted using all of the features available to you in Word/Excel.

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Q: Does the program link to Accounting Software?
A: Yes, all of the financial information can be sent to your accounting program. Invoicing is done within GallerySoft and GallerySoft can create all of the daily accounting statements and reports directly. Reports are provided detailing all sales and disbursements, e.g. Artist Commission Statements, Client Statements, Balances Owing to Artists, and Aged Receivables.

Q: What if I need to do a discount on the sale?
A: GallerySoft handles a variety of different discount situations - artist authorized discounts, set discounts for particular clients, discounts pertaining to the entire invoice as well as discounts for a selected item. Discounts can be entered as a percentage or as a fixed amount.

Q: Can the system tell me how much to pay my artists?
A: Yes. The program keeps track of any balances due or outstanding to the artist and automatically calculates the commission due to the artist from works which have been sold, rented, etc. Charges and payments to the artist can be entered manually. All of these figures are then transferred automatically into the Artist's Statement which can then be printed and given to the Artist. This statement clearly indicates how much is due to the Artist.

Q: Can I process more than one transaction at a time?
A: Yes. If you’re in the middle of a transaction and your client decides he wants to browse a bit longer but you’ve got another client waiting… instead of deleting the work you’ve done already, just leave it there and process the other transaction. Come back to the first one when you’re ready.

Q: Does GallerySoft handle foreign currencies?
A: Yes, foreign currencies can be entered for costs and for amounts due to the consignor. The system will convert the foreign currency into your local home currency once you have entered in the applicable conversion rate to simplify the accounting process.

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