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Using the Apple iPad

Occasionally a new item comes along that can significantly improve your productivity and sales success. When we saw the specifications for the iPad we knew this was such a device. Why?

It is a big benefit to take your 'art' to your clients. Now with the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G and the GallerySoft Server you can do just that. Access to the Internet (Wi-Fi) is useful but you can't walk into a clients office and say "I want to show you my art but I need to connect to your Internet." In these situations printing the transaction is not possible since you can't connect to their printer. With the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G you can have everything available that you have available in the gallery. Better yet it is all on a very portable device - much smaller and more convenient to use than a notebook and a Wi-Fi Internet connection is not required.

The iPad screen size is big enough to do real work and it has superb resolution.

iPad Open GallerySoftYou can show your client all of your available art, update their information, review what they have already purchased and even prepare the invoice on the spot. Since you are working directly with your data you can save the invoice and everything in GallerySoft is updated. 

Going to an Art Fair such as the Toronto TIAFair? You can now have a live connection to your data without paying the hefty connection charges. (In 2011 the wireless connection fee for the TIAFair is $395 plus taxes.) iPad monthly connection plans are $15 to $35 per month and can be stopped or changed at any time. Plans are available from at least AT&T, Bell, Rogers and TELUS. The total cost of the required iPad RDP application is about $14. We will provide you with the setup instructions for the recommended RDP program.

One neat feature is the ability to increase the size of the displayed image in the inventory screen or the size of any screen by using the 'Zoom' (two fingers moved outward from each other). All of the cool iPad features are available including the integrated keyboard. You can also load copies of your original images onto your iPad for even better viewing individually or as a slide show using the Picture Frame feature of the iPad.

iPad Action - Small iPad Action Small iPadAction Large
Inventory Screen - Normal Size Inventory Screen -
Medium Image Size
Inventory Screen - Large Image Size

If you are currently using the GallerySoft Server you can use your existing user logons but we recommend adding an additional user logon just for use with the iPad.

We will assist you with the successful use of the iPad. Just let us know you have your iPad and you want to login to your data. First we will send you a detailed help guide that lists the program you will need to get the most benefit from your iPad. If you are not a current GallerySoft Server user, fill in the GallerySoft Demo request, mentioning iPad as one of your needs and we will take it from there.

As always, give us a call for any additional information you might need. We believe you will agree GallerySoft is the best art gallery program you can use, made even better with the iPad!