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Great Features

State-of-the Art Features such as QR Codes on Art Labels: With GallerySoft you can print art labels with the new QR Codes which allows your clients to go directly to the piece on your website. They would typically do this after they are home by using the information in the QR Code stored on their smart phone.

Ease of Use: GallerySoft has an intuitive interface that allows for a quick start. Your data is only entered once. As your needs grow, the features you need are already "in there", making GallerySoft great for Power Users as well as Beginners.

All-In-One Display: Each section of the program opens to a clear and intuitive screen. Each screen includes everything you need to know about each topic - inventory, clients, accounting, and more!

Top Technical Support:
If you have ever called someone else's tech support department and then called ours, you KNOW what we mean. In this day and age of calling 1-800 numbers or using credit cards to obtain answers for software you purchased, we stand out. GallerySoft users get free technical support with no time limit. We stick with you until the problem is solved.

Works With Other Programs You Already Own:
At some point, you chose to use the word processor, spreadsheet program, email program and web browser that you have because it met your needs. GallerySoft does not attempt to add yet another email program or word processor into your system. Instead, GallerySoft offers integration with the ones already on your system. Integrated applications include Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. All data can also be exported to Adobe PDF files. Also, because you can crop and adjust images within GallerySoft, there is no need to purchase separate photo-editing software.

Less Space and Demands on Your Computer:
GallerySoft takes less than 5 Mb of space on your computer. The program and your data reside on our Server and all backups are stored by GallerySoft. All of the processing is done on our Server. Your computer only displays the results allowing you to use less expensive computer systems. This means you’re making a sound business decision to purchase less hardware and an environmentally responsible decision to use less energy.

Upgrade Policies and Practices: Instead of purchasing your software "by the year", a single monthly access fee to our Server covers all of your costs to use GallerySoft. This includes support, updates, and data backup all in the same low fee.

Powerful Report Options: GallerySoft has a variety of reports to choose from. Clients, inventory, and transactions can be selected by various criteria to help you obtain exactly what you are looking for. Built-in reports provide information such as client purchase history broken down by country, city or postal/zip code so you can see where to spend your advertising dollars. Custom reports can be created and saved within GallerySoft. Results can be exported for even further manipulation.

Multiple Simultaneous Users: Multiple users can work with the same data at the same time. As one person makes a change, the other users can see the change. If you have more than one gallery location the data for all locations is shown in the same database but you can still separate the sales and inventory at each location.

Price and Value: Whether you have 1 or 10 users, just pay access for each concurrent user, and add more when needed. Users can use GallerySoft at home, at work, on a laptop or an iPad without extra payments. This is the most cost-effective software on the market.

Security: Your data is kept safe and secure on our servers with state-of-the-art backup solutions. Data is not shared between galleries.