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GallerySoft Pricing

       One time charge: $300
            Includes: setup, implementation, and initial training.

       Gallery Fee: $110
       Per User: $15
            Includes: ongoing support, training, data backup, product updates and enhancements.

            Minimum initial signup period is three months.
            Yearly and other payment plans are available. Prices subject to change. Applicable taxes not included.
            You are only charged for the maximum number of users that could access the data at any one time.
            Additional user accounts and gallery locations (up to six - no additional charge) can be added at anytime.

Integrated Website
       One Time Setup Cost: Request quote
       Monthly fee for GallerySoft Integrated Website: $175

Data Conversion
       There is a minimum charge of $250 for conversion of each data type (clients and inventory). Additional charges may apply.

Older Versions of GallerySoft
       Support for older (pre-Server) versions of GallerySoft is limited. Charge for most items is $250.

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