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Software for Fine Art Galleries since 1998

GallerySoft is an intuitive art gallery management software that is easy to use and incorporates all the artist, client and inventory data typically held within a fine art gallery. From the GallerySoft opening screen, users have easy access to all of the data entry, report and invoicing screens.

GallerySoft allows you to manage artists, clients, inventory and invoicing all within one software solution. Artists and their works can be categorized for future reports, labels, or communication. Client information can be sorted by preferences and purchase activity to enhance your marketing efforts. The inventory screen provides all the details related to each piece with up to four images and enables you to print information sheets for your clients. And, of course, all this can be done from any location via the Internet.

We offer a quality art gallery software program that can easily share information with your other applications, website, partners or customers. GallerySoft will take you from art acquisition through to sale quickly and easily with a minimum of effort.

GallerySoft Data Entry Screens

Click on any of the screens below to see a larger, more detailed view.    There are many other screens and reports, these are just a small sample. 
Opening Screen    Transaction Seletion Screen 
GallerySoft opening screen - easy and intuitive access to all of the data entry, report and invoicing screens.    Transaction selection - select the client, the artist and the pieces and then select the action - invoicing, rental, etc. No additional data entry required but you can verify and edit if required. 
Client Information    Transaction Print Screen 
Names - enter all artists and clients names, classify them however you want for later selection to do invoicing, labels and other reports. A list of their purchase activity is shown - click the button to see actual invoice!    Transaction completion with shipping information and all other details needed. Transactions are stored permanently for later reference. 
Inventory Display Screen   Invoice
Inventory display screen, select by artist, display images and print information sheets for your clients. Up to four images per art piece. Price and size information can be included. The provenance history is available at the bottom of the screen.    Invoices contain all of the pertinent information including images (size selectable), any payments due as well as payments made and shipping information.