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GallerySoft Integrated Website

Your website is a unique reflection of your art gallery and an excellent place to showcase artists’ work. Keeping it current can be time consuming. To solve this issue, GallerySoft has developed an integrated website solution that enables users to add images and information into GallerySoft gallery management software and with a click of a button automatically update their website as well.

GallerySoft and Ricon Consulting Inc. have teamed up to provide you with a hosted custom designed website that will be easy for users to navigate. We can adapt your existing website or we can create something new. There are many design options available.

At GallerySoft our Integrated Websites are each unique (no prebuilt or canned sites) Update your your website will be designed to look just the way you want it to look! It can be a whole new look or an update to the design or your existing site.

Pages with Art Images and Artist Information might change several times per day as you receive new art or sell existing pieces. These pages are best updated quickly in real-time. A GallerySoft Integrated Website is updated when you click Update Website. All art images, art information, artist, artist bio's and artist images are transferred to your website quickly without any further action on your part. Update the pages as often as you like, all with a click of the mouse. The result is a great time and cost saving. Last minute pieces from the featured Artist are no problem, enter them into GallerySoft and click, they appear on your web site.
Change your website
Pages like Home, Exhibitions, About Us, Upcoming Events, New Art and Contact Us do not change every day and are usually self-managed but they can also be updated directly from GallerySoft - your choice. The provided self-management tool has an interface that enables your gallery staff or web support person to easily update the self-managed pages of your web site. You don’t need to understand web design programs or HTML. Page updates are done in real time just like you do when using Word – edit, save and it’s done! You can upload images and videos from your computer, YouTube or other sources, add links to other websites and customize the pages as often as you want.

How many times have you found errors on your website and looked at your gallery data to find it was correct? Errors happen when you enter the same data more than once! If you correct the title or pricing of a piece in GallerySoft and click to update your website, your website is automatically updated to be exactly the same. Another advantage of a GallerySoft Integrated Website!

Why Choose The Integrated Website?

Entering data once saves time and minimizes errors. If you correct the title or pricing of a piece in GallerySoft, one click and your website is automatically updated to be exactly the same.

Search engine optimization features are built into the site enabling Internet users to easily find your website which can increase traffic and drive up sales.

Create personalized emails using the data from GallerySoft to target specific clients. Enhance email communication by adding a web page or a link of interest to the customer.

GallerySoft Integrated Websites can include many optional features at no additional charge

    Shopping Cart - Add a shopping cart that can provide all the information (encrypted) required to process an on-line order.

    On Site Search - Visitors can search your website by entering artist name, type of art, size and other attributes.

    Lead generation form - Collect information from potential customers.

    Email Blast - Select recipient names from GallerySoft based on a variety of criteria to send a targeted email message. Send up to 250 emails per day.